Terms and Conditions

Our kittens are raised inside our home with all our love and care, like real babies and members of our family. They are used to all kinds of sounds of our daily life and are perfectly socialized.

All our kittens…


  • Stay with us up to 14 weeks (if they stay in Portugal) or 16 weeks (in case they go to foreign countries);
  • Have CPF/FIFe pedigree;
  • Receive all the vaccines before they left us (rabies vaccine in case they go to foreign countries);
  • In case they go for breeding/show, it will be provided European Passports;
  • Are dewormed several times;
  • Have identification microchip and are observed by a certified veterinarian before they join their new families;
  • Will only leave us with a contract signed by both parts that will serve as defence of interest on our kittens that we consider essential;
  • And last but not least, they will have our background support for their entire life!…