Titles: NW’17 – National Winner 2017, CH – Champion, JW – Junior Winner

Colour: Black tabby spotted with white

EMS code: NFO n 09 24

Place and Date of birth:  Sweden, 02-06-2016

Sire: SW’15 DK*Colleto’s Hansi Hinterseer

Dam: CH S*Zygot’s Caramia Bambina

Breeder: Annika Berner, S*Zygot’s

Tests: FIV and FeLV – negative, GSD IV and PK Def – negative (negative parents) , HCM – (eco) normal


About Chukle…

S*Zygot’s Chukle was born in June of 2016 in Sweden, son of Caramia Bambina and Hansi. He is a cat with a fabulous type, but the best in him is his temperament. He is absolutely fantastic, he only has one problem, after hours licking our hands his tongue is really abrasive! He born to play, there is no toy or feather that he doesn’t like. He can be all night in alert state and when someone wakes up in the middle of the night he runs to us purring and try to convince us to play. There is no words in the world that can describe this cat… Chukle is much more than we could possibly think he could be…

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About Chukle’s father…

Hansi was born in July of 2014 in Denmark. He is result of the combination between Jubii Email and Chiara, which he inherited excellent qualities. In 5 of April of 2015 he was the winner of Scandinavian Winner Show 2015, achieving the title of Scandinavian Winner. He is an excellent breeding male, giving to his offspring excellent qualities, both temperamental and physiological. Until now he is father of 6 cats that became Junior Winners, and he is father of the World Winner of 2016, WW’16 S*Zygot’s Snigger, JW. Hansi lives in Sweden in co-ownership of two breeders S*Zygot’s and S*Pax.

About Chukle’s mother…

Caramia Bambina was born of the combination between the Scandinavian Winner of 2011 Danske Joachim and Faylinn. She lives in Sweden and she is part of the breeding program of S*Zygot’s cattery. She is super all over, she has amazing qualities like the fantastic coat texture. She is mother of excellent NFOs, like S*Zygot’s Mac Gregor, DVM, S*Zygot’s Hassel, S*Zygot’s Daisy, etc. More recently, in the litter with the Scandinavian Winner of 2015 Hansi Hinterseer, she was mother of three cats that became Junior Winners, S*Zygot’s Joyous, S*Zygot’s Chukle and the World Winner of 2016 S*Zygot’s Snigger.