Titles: SC – Supreme Champion, DVM – Distinguished Variety Merit

Colour: Black  tortie tabby mackerel with white

EMS code: NFO f 09 23

Place and Date of birth:  Sweden, 21-04-2015

Sire: SC S*Dalkullans Billy Bisquit, JW, DVM, DSM

Dam: S*NC’s Vogue, JW

Breeder: Annika Berner, S*Zygot’s

Tests: FIV  and FeLV – negative, GSD IV and PK Def – negative, HCM – (eco) normal

Litters: A

About Matilda…

S*Zygot’s Matilda or as we call her Matildinha, was born in April of 2015 in Sweden, daughter of Vogue and Billy Bisquit. She is very balanced with an excelent bone structure. Matildinha is the most tender cat in the world… At night she always come to our bed to sleep with us and in the morning she starts to lick our noses!… She is an excellent climber, the highest spot of the scratching post is always for her. If any other cat is in her spot, she goes there and kicks its ass. Yeah that’s right, She is very tender but no cat here in home messes with her! With a strong personality, Matildinha is a real queen!…

Show Results

About Matilda’s father…

Billy Bisquit was born in March of 2012 in Sweden, son of Amigo Amore and Greta. In November of 2012 he got his 5th Best in Show achieving the title of Junior Winner and later on the title of Distinguished Variety Merit (DVM) and the title of Distinguished Show Merit (DSM). In September of 2014 he achieved the title of Supreme Champion. He is a cat with a fabulous temperament, so lovely and tolerant, very active and playful, he loves to be on his owners lap and be cuddled… He is a real dream…

About Matilda’s mother…

Vogue was born in March of 2010 in Sweden, daughter of the world winner Casanova and Words Unspoken. In January of 2011 she got her 5th Best in Show, achieving the title of Junior Winner. In the Scandinavian Winner Show of 2010, Vogue had great results, being nominated and getting votes in the panel. She is mother of amazing NFOs, like S*Zygot’s D’addario, JW, S*Zygot’s Zakk Wyld, JW and more recently Matilda’s brother S*Zygot’s Moltas, JW who besides getting the title of Junior Winner with only 6 months, was the second cat with more votes in the World Show of 2015.